About City of Edinburgh Schools Pipe Band

We are a Community Pipe Band based in South Edinburgh, drawing our members from Edinburgh Primary and Secondary Schools.

Membership is open to all keen pupils and competent players, of an Edinburgh School.

Our origins are from a parent and tutor founded band from South Morningside Primary School. We continue their vision to create a musical vehicle for the development, opportunities, and associated life skills a Pipe Band provides to their members.

We aim to provide a safe, welcoming, and friendly experience to all existing and new members.

Our organisation is managed by a Voluntary Parent Committee, which is always grateful for support and donations. We are self-funded, with limited external support.

Skilled in the Arts of the Highland Bagpipe and Drumming, we:

  • are available for performances, in varying band compositions from Solo Piper or, Mini Band to full Pipes and Drums
  • support our local community by playing at local events
  • have our own Tartan, “Boroughmuir” developed specifically for our community band


Some of the Events we have played:

  • Edinburgh Rugby Heineken Cup Semi Final, Murrayfield Stadium
  • Ross Fountain Refurbishment, Princess Street Gardens
  • Heart of Midlothian Football Club Remembrance Event, Tynecastle Stadium
  • Boroughmuir Rugby Super Six Matches
  • Boroughmuir Rugby Club Centenary
  • Loanhead Gala
  • Christmas Lights, Morningside and Bruntsfield
  • Remembrance Sunday, various local venues

For more details please contact us

Learning Pipes and Drums

Students develop under the direction of private tuition, either individually or, through a club. Pipers start on a practice chanter which appears similar to a recorder. Drummers start on a pad with sticks.

The learning process is subject to many factors, it can take many years to reach the required level to join a band. Although possible, it would be unusual to develop into a band player in less than a 12 month period.

Transition from Chanter to Pipes

A transition process to join the band is necessary, once the piper has developed the necessary skills and learned the basic band music set list. This develops the player from a learning to the band environment. The transition process is at the discretion of the individuals tutor and the bands Pipe Major (PM)/Drum Major (DM).


Our regular practices are held between 6pm and 7pm, each Wednesday evening, during Edinburgh Council School Terms.

We practice at Boroughmuir High School, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

Additional practices for events and competitions are scheduled as required. Additional practices are normally held between 1pm and 3pm on a Friday.

Changes in practice venue are notified to members as required.


We play traditional and modern compositions of highland bagpipe music.  From the well known classics including “The Green Hills of Tyrol” to “Steam Train to Mallaig”.


  • March On:  Mairi’s Wedding,  High Road To Gairloch,  Teribus,  Corriechoillie
  • Retreat Marches:  Green Hills &  Battle’s O’er
  • Anthem:  Flower of Scotland (& Hearts Song)
  • March Off:  Scotland The Brave,  Rowan Tree

Our Pipe Band Uniform

Band Members are supplied with  a Pipe Band uniform on loan from our Quartermaster. This includes the following –

  • Boroughmuir Tartan kilt
  • Argyll Jacket
  • Waist Coat

Members are then asked to purchase their own

  • Glengarry
  • Dark Blue Socks
  • Green Flashes
  • Black Brogues
  • Sporran

Costs and Benefits

It takes a lot of commitment (from each band member and their families) to run an efficient ‘band team’. We are small so need each family to take on some tasks and help it all run smoothly. Members and their Families all become part of the band.

Running a bands is expensive and requires significant income. We fundraise and earn performance fees all year round in order to keep the band going and also with the aim of minimising Annual Membership Subscriptions.

Annual Membership Subscriptions vary each year but are likely to be circa £200-£250 per member per annum. This entitles members to receive information about the band and to take part in activities that form part of our objectives.

The subscriptions, donations, performance fees and our fundraising activities together help pay for: 

  • Weekly Band Practice sessions and advice from world class Pipe & Drum Majors
  • Support from world class  Pipe & Drum Majors at high profile events
  • Access to information about other development opportunities/networks
  • Use of Band Drums (drummers)
  • Use of Band Chanters (pipers)
  • Loan of uniform (kilt/waistcoat/jacket) when available/as required 
  • Opportunities to play in relevant Band Performance Events
  • Opportunities to play in relevant Band Competitions (incl. the annual Scottish Schools Competition) 


*We don’t want membership subs to be a barrier to kids joining. Please contact us so we can work out solutions if that’s a concern. 




c/o Boroughmuir High School
Edinburgh, Scotland